Welcome to Grow&Go Workshops.

The workshops on this platform are designed to provide resources and tools to encourage and empower women on their journey of faith. Workshops will address different topics such as healthy discipleship, spiritual development, and growth in leadership skills.

The ultimate goal through these workshops is to see women grow and empowered to go reproduce in others what God is developing in them.

I am excited for you to take this next step, and look forward to all that God will do in your life through this platform.

"Christina provides practical content that's digestible, yet deeply challenging and insightful. There is not a single word said that does not carry weight and impact!"

- Kelly F. Stanton


The resources and topics selected for each workshop have been carefully curated to give you deeper insight, challenge your understanding, and provide you with practical steps.


As you go through each workshop, the goal is for you to feel encouraged and confident to take the next step in your journey of growth.


God does a work in us, so that He can do a work through us. The purpose of these workshops is for you to clearly sense God's empowerment over your life so that you can fully step into all that He has called you to.

Hi, I’m Christina Girma

I have been a full time pastor for three years, and served in different roles of ministry and leadership for ten years.

During my years in ministry I have witnessed the lack of resources and support needed for women to be effective disciples that reproduce, and step into the fullness of their God-given calling.

My heart for this platform is to address that need.

The Body of Christ is so much more effective when God's sons and daughters are equipped for the work of the Kingdom. That passion is what birthed the vision for Grow&Go.

My desire is to see women grow in their confidence of using their voice and their gifting to bring life change, lasting impact, and raise up healthy disciples in the different spheres of influence God has given them.